December 05, 2018

Creating a personal and powerful story

When it comes to B2B marketing, brands often fail to connect their products and services with the emotional wants and needs of their audiences. They forget that talking about the why is just as important as talking about the what.

So how do you change the dialogue?

With a few simple steps, you can shift the conversation and articulate your message in a meaningful way that showcases not just the value of your brand, but its value to your customers.

First, research.

This critical step can help validate your current thinking or open your eyes to a completely new perspective. Even a small number of qualitative surveys or one-on-one interviews can reveal the emotional drivers at the heart of your story.

Then, structure.

The right building blocks can help you create a solid structure that houses the most important pieces of your brand narrative, including:

  • Brand personality

    Your brand personality (or voice) sets the tone for your story and helps you connect with your targets. Whether it’s sincere or quirky, competent or sophisticated, your voice is one of your greatest assets in building your story—so make sure that it’s uniquely yours.

  • Unique selling proposition (USP)

    Your USP must be three things: short, easy to understand, and truly unique to your brand. It should include a promise and address a desire. And most importantly, it needs to clearly showcase the qualities that differentiate your brand from your competitors. It’s a small piece of real estate, so think long and hard about what should go in there.

  • Structured messaging

    Start with a strong value proposition that clearly telegraphs your value as a brand. Then support it with key messages that articulate those values to your different audiences. Last but not least, make sure your point comes across loud and clear with proof points (or reasons to believe) that back up your key messages.

With the right research and a solid foundation, you can tell a persuasive and powerful story that speaks to your target audiences on both a functional and emotional level. Ready to make more impactful connections? Talk to the B2B gurus and emotional storytelling experts at JK Design.

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