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Turning a value proposition into a promise

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Brewing and marketing a world-class portfolio of beers for over 150 years will teach you a thing or two about what people want and how to sell it to them.

HEINEKEN USA wanted their American customers to understand how they can benefit from this worldly expertise, so they developed a new customer value proposition (CVP) and asked JK to give it an engaging identity.

We wanted the salespeople to feel personally responsible for delivering its value, so we turned the business-like CVP into the “The 5 Promises,” a partnership-driven platform that quickly communicates what the global brewer brings to the party and makes it clear that HEINEKEN’s salespeople are committed to helping every customer prosper.

JK's Role

  • Communications strategy
  • Messaging
  • Visual identity
  • Art and graphic design
  • Motion graphics and live video
An animated introduction gives the communication platform a sense of excitement and vitality with employees.
A stylish presentation explains the purpose and details of the CVP to employees.
A leave-behind brochure helps the sales force walk their customers through the unique value HEINEKEN delivers.

We put our global insights, marketing assets, and trendspotting talents to work, providing the tools our customers need to drive sustained, profitable growth."

Excerpt from:
"Profit from a World of Experience" (Heineken USA CVP)